I really like to draw. I paint, too, though I'm not as fond of it (or as good at it). I also teach art, sell art supplies, pretend to blog, and other stuff.

I've been a correspondent for Urban Sketchers since (almost) the beginning, first from Bozeman, Montana, then from San Antonio, Texas (my hometown) and now from Denver, Colorado.

I received an MFA in painting from Montana State University in 2008 because I'd been there long enough and they acquiesced to my demand of a degree in exchange for my paying tuition and learning and stuff.

I am happily married in Denver to the extraordinary and rather intimidating Linda Permann. We have a dog, Freddie, who is not intimidating, but he does smell funny.

I have contributed artwork to these books:

The Art of Urban Sketching by Gabi Campanario

Capitol Knits by Tanis Gray

Other Peoples' Love Letters by Bill Shapiro

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  1. Hi:
    My name is Frank Lawrence, I am 66 years old.
    I have always wanted to draw, I would like to start drawing.
    Would you be able to steer me in the right direction regarding how to start drawing.

    Thank You in advance for helping